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 ~ Rich Southern Comfort Food ~

*Tuesdays $12  Spaghetti and meat sauce  2 pc Fried Chicken  Smothered corn  Garlic bread   Wednesday $12 Pork Chop Casserole  Baked Beans  Green salad, your choice of dressing  Honey Buttered Bread   Thursday $12  Meat Loaf  Rice and gravy  Smothered potatoes  Green beans  Bread   Friday $12  Stuffed Seafood  Potato  or  Seafood Fries  2 pc Fish 12 4 PC Fish 15 Green salad   Saturday $2  Chili dogs  or Frito pies   *Sunday $15  Indoor BBQ Chicken or Pork with sausage  Rice dressing  Choice of 2 sides  Sweet peas  Cornbread dressing  Potato salad


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