Da Zydeco Shack preserves the Zydeco culture, a hidden American music genre, and way of life in Louisiana. Da Zydeco Shack preserves the Zydeco culture by showcasing premier Zydeco artists weekly on stage and through connoisseur menu selections and dance. There is an extension of the Da Zydeco Shack's efforts through our community outreach program, "Da Zydeco Shack Family."

"Da Zydeco Shack Family" is dedicated to informing, restoring, and enriching the Zydeco culture within Louisiana.

Your gift ensures Da Zydeco Shack can sustain a home and preserve the Zydeco culture, in Carencro, Louisiana, for artists and audiences. With your support, we can continue to cultivate a hub where the intersection of people, the Zydeco culture, and ideas contributes to a thriving community with a historical and prosperous contribution.

We celebrate the Zydeco culture of diversity with our patrons and musical artists. Da Zydeco Shack is committed to serving the community with equity, accessibility, and inclusion in place.

We rely on our strong community of donors. Da Zydeco Shack is committed to providing a showcase for the Da Zydeco music culture, assisting aspiring zydeco artists, and providing food and resources to the community. We are grateful for all contributions that help mitigate the financial impact of reaching and serving those in need in Carencro, Louisiana, surrounding areas, and anyone we know.

The Development Department can be reached at (337) 520-2628 or

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